No. of Parishes: 24
No. of Convents: 28
No. of Mission Stations: 335
No. of Diocesan Priests: 31
No. of Religious Priests: 12
No. of Religious Brothers:
No. of Religious Sisters: 125
No. of Religious Congregations (Priests): 6
No. of Religious Congregations (Brothers):
No. of Religious Congregations (Sisters): 18
No. of Full Time Catechists 37
No. of Part Time Catechists 280
No. of Catholic Families:
No. of Catholic Population: 65,000
No. of High Schools (Boys & Girls): 4
No. of M. E. Schools (Boys & Girls) 5
No. of U. P. Schools (Boys & Girls) 6
No. of English Medium Schools 4
No. of  Hospital 1
No. of  Dispensaries 9
No. of Leprosarium & Homes of the Old 4
No. of Social Welfare Centers: 1
No. of Vocational Training Centers: 2
No. of Community College: