From Bishop’s Desk

Most. Rev. Aplinar Senapati CM

Born: 28-10-1960
Priestly Ordination: 28-11-1990
Episcopal Ordination: 28-05-2016

Our Vision

  • Witnessing Catholic Community engaged in the empowerment of the society.
  • Anointed to Preach and Serve.
  • Receiving inspiration from the Gospels, Indian traditions and context of Odisha. We wish to engage ourselves for building a progressive society and nation. We dream of an empowered catholic community engaged in the empowerment of the society.



Our Mission

  • To improve the quality fall especially the most deprived and vulnerable in the diocesan Territory.
  • To promote freedom and Dignity to the Children god.
  • To present christian faith as a complementing challenge and irresistible attraction to all communities.

Statistics of the Diocese

Area of the Territory 39,368.4 Kms
Total Catholic Population 61827
Parishes 24
Diocesan Priests 33
Religious Men Congrefation 06
Religious Women Congregation 19